You can make a difference.
Your ideas and participation matter for the vitality and community of Winlow Place. Have an influence on the issues that affect your quality of life!

Start today by letting us know what you're interested in! A few idea starters are below, and please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page to let us know what's the best fit. In addition, we welcome any other creative thinking around how to raise engagement and awareness in Winlow Place. Please let us know your point of view!

Warm Welcome

Join the welcoming committee to make sure all of our new neighbors feel right at home!

Spread the Word

Have a knack in communications or marketing? Let us know!

Neighborhood Voice

Any interest in neighborhood political involvement and outreach? You can help Winlow Place to have a strong voice in Houston.

Building Community

We'd love any help coordinating new social events, parties and general hospitality events in the neighborhood to bring residents together for fun and conversation.

High Profile

Help Winlow Place to have high neighborhood visibility. We are the Jewel of Montrose, after all!

First Impressions

First impressions are everything! We're open to ideas on neighborhood beautification and would love to hear what ideas you have to offer.

Eyes and Ears

Security is a priority, so we welcome any ideas on how to keep our streets as safe as possible.

Property Value

Let's continue to protect and prioritize our property value.

Inner Loop Updates

Are you hip to the latest event, restaurants, art galleries and more? Spread the word to your neighbors!

Anything interest you? Let's talk.

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