Sewage Line Work (Update: August 2016)


This post is a follow-up from the post on Wednesday, July 20th.

We received correspondence from the Contractor for the City of Houston, DG Medina, late in the day on Wednesday, August 3rd. Per our request, they have provided documentation of a project plan for this existing scope of work. This is outlined below.

If you have any questions regarding this work, you may contact the City directly. The Project Manager with the City, Brian Campbell, can provide more detail. He can be reached at

The scope is actually quite limited and does NOT include work on properties that do not currently have the new sanitary sewer in the street right-of-way in front of the property (which would run with the street). Before the City can perform any rerouting of services for these blocks, they would have to install sanitary sewer in the street and then follow with sanitary service rerouting (back to front). This work will be included in potential future projects, with the City prioritizing these against other wastewater system needs. As such, this work very clearly delineates what blocks/homes are included, which are listed below.

The document outlines the following, and is available for download here so that you can see the original. The below language is taken directly from this document.


  • Project #: 4235-38, Work Order # 2
  • Contractor’s Project File Supervisor: Jack Wills cell 713-582-1190. 
  • D G MEDINA CONSTUCTION, LLC’s Subcontractor – Foreman: Raul cell # 713-725-0457 
  • City of Houston Project Inspector: Gerardo (Gerry) Navarrete cell # 832-763-9584

The information below concerning the referenced sanitary sewer rehabilitation project for 4235-78 Work Order # 2 issued to D G MEDINA CONSTUCTION, LLC. The following addresses or lots are scheduled to have a rehabilitation work within the right-of-way (on the street only). 

Locations: 1780 Kipling, 1724 Kipling, 1727 Kipling, 1807 Kipling, 1827 Kipling, 1833 Kipling, 1837 Kipling 

Anticipated Dates or Schedule (weather permitting): Mobilization and start work August 8, 2016, with approximately 2.5 weeks duration. There is not anticipated disruption of services. 

Street Closure: There will be not street closures, however work area will be barricaded with cones and traffic will continue on the street. Every day at the end of the work day all cones will be removed.

Neighborhood Benefits: This work will provide the residents to be connected eventually to the front new sewer line, preventing any sewer problem arriving from all lines. 

Notices: D G MEDINA CONSTRUCTION, LLC’s subcontractor (H-S Utilities, LLC) will pass out door hangers/flyers not less than 72 hours or more than 2 weeks to affected residents prior to work. 

Scope of Work: Cut street, excavate to install new PVC pipe from stub/cleanout to main sewer line located on the street, backfill and complete street restoration.