An Update on Houston's General Plan

We were fortunate to have a guest speaker from the City to walk us through the progress of Houston's first General Plan back in March – see the blog post recapping the speaking event here on our website. As an update for those following, the Plan Houston Steering Committee recently published twelve "policy directives" that are not finalized, but that are being put to the public for comment, thoughts, etc. These policy directives are intended to prioritize issues that the city should consider in achieving the proposed vision and goals (we saw a bit of this back in March). The Steering Committee arrived at these twelve topics after much community input over the past several months.

The City is looking for more community input on the policy directives this summer and will be taking input through late July 2015. There are many ways to provide input. You may either attend a public meeting, send them an email, or click on any policy directive (linked below) and then click on the "feedback" link at the bottom of any specific policy directive's page. If the web isn't your thing, you may also mail your comments to:

Planning and Development Department
611 Walker Street, 6th Floor
Houston, TX, 77002

Policy Directives


Community Goals

In addition to these policy directives, we also learned about the "community goals" in March. After further development of the plan, there are 32 goals for the Houston community, which are categorized into nine over-arching topics. To see the list of all 32 goals together, click here.

  • People
  • Place
  • Culture
  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Public Services
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Transportation

– by Caroline Garry, with information cited from the Plan Houston website