Don't Widen Dunlavy – Share Your Voice!

Thank you all who were able to come to the public open house regarding Dunlavy Thursday evening! Winlow Place along with neighboring Mandell and Lancaster Place had an excellent turnout. For those who were unable to attend, please do still take the time to fill out the comment form, which can be downloaded at the link below.

Download the form by clicking at this link.


Winlow Place voted last year after community and resident input, and still supports the change that has been suggested by the planning staff. That is to say that we SUPPORT the RECLASSIFICATION from a four lane major collector to a two lane major collector with its current 60' right of way.

If you have not filled out a form already, please do so by downloading it at the link above, and then email a scanned and completed copy to Amar Mohite at as soon as possible. A mailing address is also at the bottom of the form.

Support of this staff recommendation means a greater likelihood of Dunlavy staying at its current width without being widened – at least for a while! The recommended change is from an old designation dating back 20+ years of Dunlavy as a four lane collector, meaning it can potentially serve up to four lanes of thru traffic. It is currently used more as two travel lanes which is far more appropriate for the character and quality of our residential neighborhood, and the staff has recommended that it be designated to something smaller, i.e., a two lane major collector. This is exactly what we want, so please do fill out this form to make sure the City hears loud and clear that this is what we want!

– by Caroline Garry