Welcoming Our New Neighbors

First impressions are key. This is something we talk about when we consider a new place of employment, joining in new social/political causes, friend circles – and in making somewhere new "home." I am honored to say that, thanks to the efforts of our John Ray leading our Welcome Committee (and formerly Steve Dennis, who we miss very much!), Winlow Place is making every effort possible to ensure that our new residents feel comfortable and "at home" right away.

Thanks to John Ray's efforts, we have a lovely welcome kit complete with a bottle of wine, some snacks and a postcard, designed by Caroline Garry, that gives the type of first impression we hope to leave with our newcomers.

As you know, our neighborhood is very involved in City-related matters, and also has a very strong sense of community and what it means to be "neighbors." Hopefully, this welcome kit will provide an easy point of access for our new residents to connect with those of us who have been here for quite some time – even decades.

So, as a call to action, please always send an email to president@winlowplace.org if you see a moving van, new tenants, a home up for sale – let the Civic Club know so that we can introduce ourselves and get to know them. And please be sure to direct them to WinlowPlace.org so that they can get more info and sign up to receive our e-newsletter updates to keep up to speed on the many things our neighborhood has to offer.

– by Caroline Garry