Share Your Opinion on West Alabama

Last Thursday evening over 200 residents/voters attended a meeting facilitated by Council Member Cohen and the City's Public Works and Engineering Department regarding the upcoming reconstruction of West Alabama. As you know, there are major questions regarding the function of that street such as the reversible lane.

What we learned:

West Alabama is being split into four segments in order to complete this work. The segment that is adjacent to Winlow Place is the 3rd segment, outlined below:

  1. Weslayan Street to Buffalo Speedway: Work to be completed by the City of Houston, construction estimated FY2016
  2. Buffalo Speedway to Shepherd Drive: Work to be completed by the Upper Kirby TIRZ, design not started
  3. Shepherd Drive to SPUR 527: Work to be completed by the City of Houston, construction estimated FY2018
  4. SPUR 527 to Chenevert Street: Midtown TIRZ, design not started

Senior Assistant Director Carol Haddock gave a presentation outlining the current state audit vs. future state considerations and also confirmed that the street will no longer have the reversible lane. Other major points are that the street may be composed of two travel lanes (one in either direction, East to West), with a turn lane in the center – and that the final, comprehensive design will accommodate cyclists (via options presented below) as well as pedestrians. The link to Carol's full presentation can be found here, but please continue reading as the design needs your input, particularly with regards to bicycle lanes/pedestrian amenities. 

The City is currently looking for our input by August 30, 2015:

Two options were presented regarding bike path and intersection configuration options, and the Department is requesting public input by August 30th on those and all other aspects of the reconstruction. Some attendees had suggestions that may be, say, a hybrid of Options 1 and 2. Be sure to clarify any preferences/suggestions in your comments as you submit them.

How to send comments to the City:

Please contact or 832.395.2500 with your suggestions.

– by Caroline Garry